China rehearses Taiwan invasion with troops storming ‘sea defences’

China’s troops appear to be practicing for an invasion of the self-governing and disputed island of Taiwan, in a new unearthed clip.

The video was shared WeChat by China’s Eastern Theatre Command. In the footage, soldiers can be seen running on beaches and driving tanks on dirt roads.

A Chinese song plays in the background with lyrics like “go over the city gate and the high wall’ and ‘no matter how dark it is, don’t be afraid… chase and win the warmest years”.

Even though the video doesn’t directly name check “Taiwan,” the Eastern Theatre Command often carries out exercises nearby.

China’s Communist Party leaders believe Taiwan should be part of China again and could use military firepower to achieve this.

But the leaders of Taiwan’s Democratic Progressive Party say it is its own country, with its own government and the will of the people to support this.

Troops have practiced rescuing people and protecting against air attacks.

During the military exercises, ships from Russia and China learned how to refuel while moving and how to move supplies from one ship to another.

The Russian defence ministry said ships from Russia and China are working together in the East China Sea.

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