Charles ‘desperately’ trying to build bridges with Harry and Meghan

King Charles is “desperately trying to heal the royal rift with Harry and Meghan” ahead of his Coronation – according to a royal expert. In a souvenier Coronation programme now available, there is a picture featuring the Duke and Duchess of Sussex with other members of the Royal Family, including William and Kate and their children. Some royal experts have said the inclusion of the image is an “olive branch” from the monarch who will see Harry at his Coronation on May 6.

The picture was taken in the private gardens at Clarence House and shows Charles with Prince George on his knee while Camilla cuddles Princess Charlotte. Kate is seen holding Louis while William stands next to his brother Harry who has his arm around Meghan.

Royal commentator Phil Dampier said the photograph is “an attempt to show Meghan and Harry are still loved members of the family”.

Biographer Tom Bower said the choice of image is an attempt to “conceal the truth” about how Megxit has torn them apart while commentator Richard Fitzwilliams claimed the decision is simply to avoid being accused of leaving the couple out, because Harry and Meghan are “deeply conscious of what they perceive to be slights”.

Mr Dampier said: “Using the picture including Harry and Meghan is yet another olive branch from the King and an attempt to show they are still loved members of the family.

“We know of course that relations were already starting to strain but it’s a happy picture which conveys harmony and unity.

“Most of all it reminds us of what might have been and how it’s so sad the way things have unfolded.”


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