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When I first tried wearing braided wigs, I was excited to change my look and protect my natural hair at the same time. But as soon as I stepped out of the house, I saw stares from people around me. It was then that I realized that the wig didn’t match my natural hair texture or color, and it looked pretty obvious that I was wearing a wig.

As an African American woman, my hair is thick, thick, and has a unique texture. So, I started trying different ways to customize the wig to my liking. Here is what I did:

First, I adjusted the peaks myself. The braids that came with the wig were very thin and silky which made them look fake. So, I gently pulled them loose and combed through each braid with a wide-toothed comb to add volume and texture. I also finished off some of the smaller knotted braids and retied the larger ones to match the thickness of my natural hair.

Next, I changed the parting of the wig to match my natural side swept style. To do this, I marked the new part line and braided small sections of hair onto it, keeping the braids intact. Then I combed through the loose hair and braided it again into a new section, braiding the hair from the top and bottom into each new braid. It took some time, but the finished result was worth it. The wig part is flawlessly attached to my natural hair, making it look like my own hair.

Finally, I changed the color of the wig to match the ombre effect of my natural hair. I used a blue-based brown dye on each braid from the ends to about halfway up, leaving the roots and a few inches near the scalp untreated for a dimensional ombre effect. After processing the dye, I applied a dark brown-black rinse to the root section of each braid to match the base color of my natural hair. While it wasn’t perfect, the color variations diversified the initially uniform black shade of the wig and created a more convincing replica of my multi-faceted, color-melting natural locks.

In the end, I was able to transform my ill-fitting knotted braid wig into a convincing match for my hair. Customizing a pre-made braided wig takes some patience and creativity, but it’s worth it. With some effort, you can personalize knotless braids to reflect your personality, features, and natural hair type—enabling the wig’s versatility as a protective look you can actually wear every day. Feel comfortable.

If you want to customize your braided wig, there are many other options to consider beyond what I’ve shared. For example, adjusting the angle, spacing, length, and attachment of the braids themselves can help match the natural texture of the hair. Trimming and finishing the ends of the braids to create a more finished look that mimics professionally styled natural hair is also a great option. You can even use products like mousse, texturizing spray, and gel to add volume, dimension, and relaxed styling to braids.

Changing accessories like braids, charms, and hairpins inside braids can reflect a more personalized aesthetic than just style. Additionally, wig liners, pads, and headbands can help the piece look more comfortable and natural on the wearer’s head shape. These basics often require adjustments to ensure comfort and safety.

Finally, customizing a braided wig takes some time and effort, but it’s worth it to achieve a unique, custom hairstyle that highlights your personality and natural features. So, don’t be afraid to experiment and get creative with your wig to make it truly your own.

All of the wigs I chose were from Express Wig Braids, a brand that specializes in braided wigs for black women. I discovered them while researching high-quality and stylish wigs online. They aim is to make wearing wigs easy and accessible for all women. Their braided wigs are designed for a protective style that can boost confidence.

Wearing their wigs and seeing how good they look and feel made me excited about the brand. I appreciated that their wigs allowed me to simply style my natural hair on this trip. Their focus seems to be on creating modern, quality braid wig that give women flexibility and confidence.

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