Britons turned away trying to escape Gaza at Rafah crossing

Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel on Oct 7 has understandably been described as Israel’s ‘9/11’ moment, writes Charles Lister.

Leaving more than 1,400 people dead, it was in fact many times worse than al-Qaeda’s terror attacks in the United States two decades ago. In the wake of those attacks in 2001, fuelled by a desire to destroy terrorist threats and assert strength on the international stage, the US invaded Afghanistan and later Iraq.

While those wars raged, eventually leaving at least 400,000 dead, the terrorism threat metastasised, growing in scale, scope and sophistication across the globe.

In the wake of Hamas’ attack, Israeli officials declared their intent to “eradicate” Hamas, declaring war on Gaza’s “human animals.” In six days, 6,000 bombs were dropped on Gaza, the most densely populated region of the world.

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