Big Brother fans rip Hallie’s ‘fake apology’ as they uncover ‘truth’ behind it

BIG Brother fans have ripped into 18 year old Hallie and blasted her on-screen apology as ‘fake’.

Viewers of the ITV2 show have been left convinced that the housemate has an ulterior motive for her reasoning.


Fans have blasted Hallie as ‘fake’ for her apologyCredit: ITV
Many thought she had an ulterior motive for her decision to apologise


Many thought she had an ulterior motive for her decision to apologiseCredit: ITV

During the latest episode of the show, Hallie decided to say ‘sorry’ to her co-stars for her bizarre outburst the previous day.

Things appeared to get too much for the star during the Happy Campers task which saw her forced to sleep outside.

It led her to majorly kick-off as she spoke directly into the camera as well as launching two ferocious rants in the Diary Room.

However, after a night of sleep, she had appeared to change her mind as she gathered everyone to apologise for her ways.

As she pleaded with her housemates to forget her erratic outbursts, fans watching along at home were left unconvinced as they branded her “fake”.

They also insisted that Hallie had a huge level of insincerity to her words as they suggested she was purely saying sorry in order to avoid being nominated for her eviction.

With the next round of nominations taking place soon, fans cast doubt over whether her apology was genuine.

One said online: “Hallie pretending to apologise because she knows nominations is coming up.”

Another blasted the star as they penned: “Hallie is so dramatic, I can’t she’s doing too much for these cameras.”

A third said: “Hallie literally cba getting put up for eviction, what a fake apology.”

Before a fourth added: “Hallie, no one cares what you have to say, shut up #BBUK.”

Yesterday, some of the housemates were given VIP glamping status, while others had to rough it.

Complaining that she was hungry, Hallie demanded ‘proper food’ and let rip in the diary room on two occasions.

“I want some food and I want to be a VIP glamper,” she ranted, before complaining about the washing facilities and portaloo.

“I want a warm shower and I want a proper toilet,” the teen fumed. “I’m not going toilet in that s***hole. I’m not. Please may I be a VIP glamper? I crawled around in mud for you, I ruined my acrylics for you. I think it’s the least I deserve.”

Big Brother then commented that Hallie didn’t appear to be having a “happy, happy, happy time.”

Furious, she clapped back: “No, I am having a s****y, s****y, s****y time.”

Hallie later broke down in tears and threatened to go on strike, refusing to eat, sleep or use the toilet.

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