Best country in the world according to Americans is a shocker

This is just rubbish.

Americans have ranked Britain the best country in the world, according to a new survey by US News & World Report — and we didn’t even come in second.

The outlet surveyed 17,000 respondents from 36 nations and broke down the data to see how Americans alone ranked the countries.

Behind Britain for “best country” is picturesque New Zealand, followed by the USA (finally) in third.

Coming in at No. 4 is Australia, then Sweden as fifth, followed by Canada, Japan, France, Switzerland and Germany, which just made the list at No. 10.

In past years, Switzerland has topped the list, but this year, the country was knocked down eight spots by US survey participants. The UK rose eight places in the meantime.

The US only ranked third among American survey participants.

Photo of a "Welcome to New Zealand" sign.
New Zealand came in at No. 2.

In the overall poll of 36 nations, America ranked fifth, with Switzerland taking the top spot.

The survey gathered “perceptions about 87 nations across 73 descriptive attributes.”

Americans did pat themselves on the back for their entrepreneurial spirit, having strong consumer brands and providing easy access to capital.

The rest of the world also rated the US No. 1 in this area.

Americans gave themselves top marks for having “culturally significant entertainment,” being a pioneer of animal rights, having a well-developed legal system, as well as being a global leader and a place they would want to live.

Photo of the Lincoln Memorial.
America was only fifth in the overall poll, which surveyed people from 36 nations.

Photo of Great Britain.
Some 17,000 people were polled.

Unfortunately, the rest of the world does not feel the same way about us, with Brazil ranking No. 1 for culturally significant entertainment and the UK, once again, having the best and most well-developed legal framework, among other attributes.

There are certain attributes we admitted we don’t have — like transparency in government and business practices, as well as income equality.

Notably, there was some upturn in how Americans perceive other countries, like Myanmar, which moved up 27 spots, and Ukraine, which moved up 22 spots.

Countries that fell in our eyes include Russia, by 15 spots, and Bahrain, by 24 spots.

The survey’s results come just months after Paris secured the title of the best city in the world on Euromonitor International’s Top 100 City Destinations ranking — not NYC.

The Big Apple only came in at No. 10.

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