Ask Amy: My wife likes to make us late for our flights

Dear Amy: My wife and I are lucky in semi-retirement to have a cabin in the mountains, a two-hour flight away. We visit this property about once a month. We also take a two-week vacation in Europe each year.

The problem: I like to be at the airport with time to spare. I don’t mind sitting for even an hour before boarding.

My wife, on the other hand, loves to cut it close.

It’s like she goes into slow motion at home the day of the flight. She seems to find a million last-minute things to do. I always volunteer to help get them done.

We have missed one flight outright and at least three or four others each year are nail-biters (we leave the luggage in the car in order to make the flight!).

We solved another issue — how long to stay at a monthly family gathering — by taking separate cars; I can leave after two hours, she can stay four or five.

A solution to the flying issue, however, eludes us. One of us can’t really get on a plane without the other.

After the missed flight she did better for a time, but my nails are getting shorter again!

Your advice?

Nail Biter

Dear Nail Biter: I’m getting anxious hives just reading about your wife’s behavior.

Three or four times a year you actually leave your luggage behind in order to run for the plane? Yikes.

You state that one of you cannot get on a plane without the other, but … why not?

If I were you, I would leave a day early for the cabin. Just book and take your own flight, get to the cabin (with your luggage!) and open up the house. If your wife misses her flight the next day, she misses it. More cabin for you.

This is a souped-up version of each taking their own transportation to family events (a move I heartily endorse).

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