And Just Like That’s Karen Pittman Speaks Out About Her Character’s Reduced Role In Season 2

Karen Pittman joined And Just Like That in its first season as Dr Nya Wallace, Miranda’s college professor and, more recently, roommate.

However, as the second season has progressed, it’s fair to say that Nya has taken a bit of a back seat in some episodes – her Valentine’s Day storyline involved seeking out a soufflé recipe before making said soufflé, for example – while she’s been completely absent from others.

Well, it turns out that this is all down to The Morning Show star Karen’s busy schedule.

After seeing two fans on Twitter discussing Nya’s absence from the latest episode, Karen confirmed she filmed both And Just Like That and Apple TV+’s The Morning Show “simultaneously”.

She went on to joke that she was “truly booked and busy”, before assuring And Just Like That viewers that they should “stay tuned” for more of Nya in the final three episodes of season two.

New episodes of And Just Like That are available to watch every Thursday on Sky Atlantic and Now.

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