And Just Like That fans criticise show’s ‘bizarre choice’ to skirt abortion convo

And Just Like That is getting heat from fans for the way it handled an abortion storyline in the latest episode.

During the latest episode of the Sex and the City spinoff – which follows three of the four original friends, Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker), Miranda (Cynthia Nixon) and Charlotte (Kristin Davis), living life in their fifties – Lisa Todd Wexley (Nicole Ari Parker) is reeling from life-changing and unexpected news.

Warning, potential spoilers to follow for ‘And Just Like That’ season two’s episode 10

At the end of episode nine, just before Lisa’s husband Herbert (Christopher Jackson) is about to speak at his city comptroller campaign party, Lisa stuns him by telling him she’s pregnant.

On Thursday’s (17 August) episode, titled “The Last Supper Part One: Appetizer”, Lisa confides in Charlotte about her surprise pregnancy, telling her she doesn’t know how she’s supposed to work full-time with a newborn.

“I will be missing deadlines, I will be pumping around the clock and be failing at both jobs,” Lisa says.

Later on, as she stews over her predictament in bed, she decides to pick an argument with Herbert, disgruntled by the fact that he didn’t get a vasectomy “eight years ago, right after Gabby was born”.

He tries to explain that he “let it slide in the event that someday, in the future, we might decide to have another child”.

“When my career was taking off?” she interrupts. She goes on to reason with him that he’s in the middle of a political campaign and “you barely help me with the three kids we already have”.

Nicole Ari Parker in ‘And Just Like That’

(Craig Blankenhorn/Max)

“What happens when you win?” she asks. “Then should we be having the other discussion? It’s your decision, Lisa. Whatever is best for you, that’s what I want,” Herbert responds, alluding to an abortion.

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“I really appreciate you saying that. I’ve thought about it, but I can’t. I mean, I’m really grateful that I have that option, but I just need to wrap my head around this new reality,” Lisa says.

Since the episode’s release, several viewers have taken to X (formerly Twitter) to condemn the show’s decision to “skirt around the word abortion”.

“It was [like] I Love Lucy tiptoeing around pregnancy in the Fifties,” one tweeted. “What the f*** year is it? That was such a bizarre choice.”

“I am #ajlt biggest fan,” a second wrote. “BUT LTW should be getting a girlboss abortion. I’m not buying her reasoning ‘I just can’t’ s***ty cop out I’m sorry.”

A third questioned: “When will ‘progressive’ shows like #AJLT finally walk their talk and let a character go through with an abortion? Chickened out with Miranda in SATC…K. Now we have LTW dreading another kid, and we’re acting like she doesn’t have a choice. This IS a ‘woke’ show sooo? Let’s see it.”

Another said that they were “screaming at the TV”.

“Get a f***ing abortion. The convenient miscarriage is played out bulls***,” they added.

Lisa later wakes up Herbert to tell him that “something’s not right. I’m bleeding”. After he says they need to go to the hospital, Lisa calmly tells him: “I think it’s too late.”

And Just Like That’s season two finale premieres on Thursday 24 August on Max in the US and Sky Comedy and NOW in the UK.

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