American reveals words Brits randomly use that have a much ruder meaning in US

There’s many things to get used to when you move from one country to another, not least accents and the use of different words in certain contexts.

American TikToker Yorkshire Peach has amassed 1.1million followers and 47 million likes on the platform and regularly posts about being an American living in Leeds.

One recent video talks about UK words she’s not comfortable saying and it’s struck a chord with many.

The post, which is titled ‘American in the UK I can’t do it’ has had 500,000 views and discusses the words ‘stroke’ and ‘pussy cat’.

Yorkshire Peach says: “Words used in the UK that I’m still not comfortable saying, let’s go…Can I stroke your dog? Can you what! Stroke, where I’m from, stroke is very sexual. Can I stroke your hair? You may not stroke anything of mine.”

She then turns her attention to ‘pussy cat’.

“’Is that a little pussy cat?’ When put in front of the word cat, the p word is okay to use here. There’s even a children’s song. For us it’s never okay, especially not in a nursery rhyme setting.”

Another video focusses on ‘Things you don’t say to a British person.’

Yorkshire Peach says: “’It’s a bit too early to be drinking isn’t it?’ It’s never too early, late, dark, cold or warm.”

The American says that since she has moved to the UK, her friends back home ask things such as: ‘Have you met the royal family?’ ‘I bet everyone over there talks really posh?’

‘Is it true that people over there don’t wear deodrant’ and ‘do you have cakes and tea every afternoon at three?’

She added: “People think it’s one accent and it’s Mary Poppins.”

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