African plume heatwave set to end abruptly as ‘widespread’ showers drench UK

Britain is set to be hit by “widespread showers” after a weekend with “plenty of sunshine”, according to the latest Met Office update. The sunny weekend appears not to be the beginning of the summer but rather a brief advertisement of what could come later in the year as Britons will face a drenching come Monday. A “rain band” is expected to make its way “steadily across the UK” overnight on Sunday before the week begins with heavy downpours. 

In the latest Met Office warning, they said there was “a chance of widespread showers on Monday”  just hours after a weekend of sunshine. 

While Sunday is expected to be “largely dry”, a “rain band, which will move steadily across the UK whilst decaying”, will set up the beginning of next week for heavy rainfall. 

Earlier this week, the Met Office weekend forecast suggested temperatures will climb into the 20s in some areas this weekend.

Weather maps from the agency show Saturday starting off cool, with the mercury averaging around 10C across the UK.

Forecasters have identified a “high-pressure ridge” that will see the day begin with “low cloud” on the North Sea coasts.

By the mid-afternoon, some of the UK’s historically coldest cities can expect highs of 20C.

Met Office maps show that the mercury will surge by approximately 1C per hour until around 4pm on Saturday.

The trend will see residents of Glasgow, a city with some of the lowest average temperatures in the country, sweat in 20C highs.

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Intense showers could see between 0.5mm and 4mm to 8mm poured over hundreds of miles into the evening.

However, maps from Netweather hot weather should continue through the showers across much of the country.

The Met Office predicts that other areas will see “sunny spells” before the worst weather clears by the morning of Monday, May 15.

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